Hi Allen,

Several steps are required to add a model to NEST. The recommended way of adding a model is to create your own NEST module outside the NEST source code tree. You will find an example in examples/MyModule and more documentation at https://nest.github.io/nest-simulator/extension_modules.

Placing code for custom models in the models directory in the NEST source code tree also works, but makes it more difficult to move to newer versions of NEST or to share your custom models with colleagues.

Briefly, in addition to adding the source code files to the models directory, you need to

1. add the files to models/CMakeLists.txt
2. #include the files in models/modelsmodule.cpp
3. add a line like

  register_connection_model< StaticConnection >( "static_synapse" );

    for each model. The template parameter is the model class, the string the name it will have in NEST
4. recompile and reinstall NEST

Hans Ekkehard

On 6 May 2020, at 02:11, Allen Rabayda <arabayda@masonlive.gmu.edu> wrote:

Dear Nest Community,

  Would anyone have insight into why I'm getting an UnknownModelName error?

  I'm new to Nest and am using Nest 18.0 on Lubuntu Virtual Box (Windows 10 OS).

  Thanks for any help. 

Best Regards,

**** Error Message--additional details attached ******
raise exceptionCls(commandname, message)
nest.ll_api.UnknownModelName: ('UnknownModelName in CopyModel_l_l_D: /stdp_izh_bitwise_correct_connection is not a known model name. Please check the modeldict for a list of available models.', 'UnknownModelName', <SLILiteral: CopyModel_l_l_D>, ': /stdp_izh_bitwise_correct_connection is not a known model name. Please check the modeldict for a list of available models.')
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