Dear NEST Users & Developers!

I would like to invite you to our next fortnightly Open NEST Developer Video Conference, today

Monday 11 October, 11.30-12.30 CEST (UTC+2).

Today we again have two possible topics for the in-depth discussion that you may be interested in:

As usual, in the Project team round, a contact person of each team will give a short statement summarizing ongoing work in the team and cross-cutting points that need discussion among the teams. The remainder of the meeting we would go into a more in-depth discussion of topics that came up on the mailing list or that are suggested by the teams.


*     Welcome
*     Review of NEST User Mailing List
*     Project team round
*     In-depth discussion

The agenda for this meeting is also available online, see

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Dennis Terhorst

Log-in information

We use a virtual conference room provided by DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz).

You can use the web client to connect. We however encourage everyone to use a headset for better audio quality or even a proper video conferencing system (see below) or software when available.

Web client

* Visit
* Enter your name and allow your browser to use camera and microphone
* The conference does not need a PIN to join, just click join and you're in.

In case you see a dfnconf logo and the phrase "Auf den Meetingveranstalter warten", just be patient, the meeting host needs to join first (a voice will tell you).

VC system/software

How to log in with a video conferencing system, depends on you VC system or software.

- Using the H.323 protocol (eg Polycom): or

- Using the SIP

- By telephone: +49-30-200-97938800

For those who do not have a video conference system or suitable
software, Polycom provides a pretty good free app for iOS and Android,
so you can join from your tablet (Polycom RealPresence Mobile, available
from AppStore/PlayStore). Note that firewalls may interfere with
videoconferencing in various and sometimes confusing ways.

For more technical information on logging in from various VC systems,
please see