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it is true, that at the moment 'hh_psc_alpha_gap' and the most recently added 'hh_cond_beta_gap_traub' are the only predefined model that supports gap junctions. However, in general it is possible to add gap-junction support to almost any model in NEST by adding the necessary support for GapJunctionEvents to the C++ code of the neuron model.

If you are interested in creating a new model with gap-junction support: The best way to do so is to start with a copy of an already existing AdEx model and then add 

and the required buffers and adjustments for the iterative solution scheme. Comparing the model code of 'hh_psc_alpha' and 'hh_psc_alpha_gap' gives you a good overview of everything that is needed. If you need any assistance in the progress you can also contact me any time.

Please also note: For the future it is planned to integrate gap-junction support in the modeling language NESTML, which will enable you to create new models with gap junctions without actually touching the C++ code. However, there is not yet a fixed timetable for when this will be available.



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from the NEST docs(, 
I see that only the cell model 'hh_psc_alpha_gap' can use gap junctions.
Is it true?
If true, are there any plans (or hacks) to have it also for the AdEx model?

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