Dear NEST Users subscribers,


In the last 24 hours, you unfortunately received two spam emails via NEST Users. This happened as someone exploited our approach of managing NEST Users based on trust. So far, we allow all registered subscribers to send mails to the list without further control, and we generally accept all subscription requests without double-checking that the requests really come from a person with a genuine interest in NEST. This time, someone exploited our trust to spread spam.


We will review our policies to avoid undue spamming, but I do hope we will be able to continue in the spirit of trust that has so far been a hallmark of the NEST Community.


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Best regards,

Hans Ekkehard




Prof. Dr. Hans Ekkehard Plesser

Head, Department of Data Science


Faculty of Science and Technology

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

PO Box 5003, 1432 Aas, Norway


Phone +47 6723 1560