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With current master it is possible to use the index of the neuron in a mathematical expression when specifying the rate (see our documentation on parametrization). It is currently not possible to include the current time `t` however.

Using parametrization to get the rate to depend on the global id is not straight forward however, because you will need to create one poisson generator per neuron, each with a rate depending on the individual neuron. Another problem is that nest.poisson_generator does not accept negative rates. And, as it is not possible to use the current time, you would be better off creating a new poisson model where you can define your rate. The best way to do so it to use NESTML ( Both the index id and current time should be available on this level. I have added our NESTML expert Charl in CC.

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Fra: Abolfazl Ziaeemehr <>
Sendt: lÝrdag 26. desember 2020 12:16
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Emne: [NEST Users] spatiotemporal Poisson generator

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to include a spatiotemporal poisson generator in the simulation?
I am trying to apply a current to a population of neurons which is something like this?

where `i` is the index of the neuron and `t` is the current time of the simulation.

Thank you for any guidance.

Abolfazl Ziaeemehr
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