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Dear all,

I am happy to report that NEST seems to work find under macOS 11 Big Sur. So far, I have only tested on Intel hardware, a system with the Apple M1 chip is on its way.

Specifcially, I proceeded as follows:

1. After upgrading to Big Sur, run "brew doctor" and follow the instructions to update the Apple Command Line Tools. If you encounter problems, see

2. Run "brew update" and "brew upgrade".

3. For safety's sake, I then ran "brew uninstall nest" and then "brew install nest". This gave me a working NEST 2.20.0 installation.

To build NEST myself, I first performed steps 1 and 2 above and then

3. conda update conda
    conda create -n nest_dev nomkl numpy scipy matplotlib ipython cython nose
    conda activate nest_dev
    pip install junitparser

The nomkl package ensures that NumPy does not use Intel's MKL, which can lead to conflicting OpenMP libraries.
Junitparser is needed to handle testsuite results and is only available from PyPI.

4. Pull latest sources from NEST master branch to src

5. mkdir bld
    cd bld
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=<install path> -Dwith-mpi=ON ../src
    make -j4 install && make installcheck

All tests pass. If many MPI tests fail, you may need to add --oversubscribe to the mpirun command in your .nestrc file. C++ tests will only run if you have installed boost, e.g., with "brew install boost".

Best regards,
Hans Ekkehard


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