Dear NEST users,

I am trying to debug my network and I found that my spike_recorder with ascii option isn't working as expected.
I am simulating a network for a few milliseconds (say 1000. ms) and then do some structure changes and then re-run for another phase of a few ms (say 4000. ms)
In the compact version, I am trying to see how this sample code would work.
import nest
                     "overwrite_files": True,
                      "data_path": './Debug-Log',
                      "data_prefix": 'DEBUG-SPIKE-REC',
noise_device = nest.Create("poisson_generator",params={'start': 0.,'rate' : 100.})
sd_params = {
            "record_to": 'ascii',
            "label": "Input_spike_recorder"
Input_SD = nest.Create("spike_recorder",1, params=sd_params)
# do something here

Issue: I only get the data recorded from 100th millisecond but for memory, I get all the data from 0-200 ms.
This behavior is consistent for both overwrite_files as True and False.
In the previous version (v2.20) I also used the same approach and had no issues. Is there a newer way to do such a simulation paradigm?
I didn't find anything on this on the comparison page of  NESTv2.x and NESTv3.x

Am I missing something? It's really important for my work, I hope I could find a solution.
Thanks and Regards