Dear NEST Developers!

I would like to invite you to our next bi-weekly Open NEST Developer Video Conference today (please excuse the late invitation)

Monday 28 October, 11.30-12.30 CET (UTC+1).

See below for information about how to log into the meeting.

The agenda for this meeting is also available online, see

  1. Welcome
  2. Planning of HBP High-Level Support Event in Heidelberg next month
  3. Review of NEST User Mailing List
  4. Review of open Github Pull Request
  5. Review of open Github Issues

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Dennis Terhorst

Log-in information

We use a virtual conference room provided by DFN (Deutsches Forschungsnetz).

You can use the web client to connect. We however encourage everyone to use a headset for better audio quality or even a proper video conferencing system (see below) or software when available.

Web client

* Visit
* Enter your name and allow your browser to use camera and microphone
* The conference does not need a PIN to join, just click join and you're in.

In case you see a dfnconf logo and the phrase "Auf den Meetingveranstalter warten", just be patient, the meeting host needs to join first (a voice will tell you).

VC system/software

How to log in with a video conferencing system, depends on you VC system or software.

- Using the H.323 protocol (eg Polycom): or

- Using the SIP

- By telephone: +49-30-200-97938800

For those who do not have a video conference system or suitable
software, Polycom provides a pretty good free app for iOS and Android,
so you can join from your tablet (Polycom RealPresence Mobile, available
from AppStore/PlayStore). Note that firewalls may interfere with
videoconferencing in various and sometimes confusing ways.

For more technical information on logging in from various VC systems,
please see