Dear all,

I am actually working on the I/O for Nest with MPI.
I am not aware of the solution of Nest for managing the communication between process and thread. I would like to learn more about it for adapting the interface with the actual solution. If someone can answer some of my questions :

1) By looking at the initialization of the MPI, I saw Nest use the MPI_THREAD_FUNNELED for the level of thread support.
What is the reason for it?

2) This level of thread support surprise me because I suppose that it will overload one thread with all the MPI calls.
Why do you do not choose the level MPI_THREAD_SERIALIZED?

3) I would like to have different levels for thread support. Do you think it's possible ?

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Kusch Lionel

PS: The reference to the different MPI thread support :