Hello all,
I use NEST with OpenMPI on a high performance cluster to run plasticity related network simulations.
So far I have divided my whole job into:
phase 1: data collection (data collected: senders, times, sources, targets for each time point)
phase 2: data anaylsis (refers to spike count and connectivity calculation)
I face an issue with data-handling. In phase 1, the data pertaining to each of the four variables is saved in X different files (X = number of virtual processes), rank-wise. This means that the total number of files generated goes [ n(time-points)*X*4 ], which surpasses the chunk file storage limit, per user for the cluster. Each file here is an ndarray saved as a *.npy file.
I wonder if there is a way to retrieve the data from each of the X processes while collecting data, concatenating and then saving them? So instead of X number of files, I can save the concatenated version. This probably involves recruiting a single VP to collect and concatenate and save the datapoints, but i am not quite sure how to execute this using NEST. Any help would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!