Dear Alex,

You are absolutely correct; NESTML is not aware of these parameters as they are "hard-coded" into the Archiving_Node. We are currently working on eliminating the Archiving_Node entirely, so that these parameters may be specified by a NESTML synapse and NESTML neuron model.

In the mean time though, you should still be able to access them via GetStatus() and SetStatus(). It looks like there is one crucial line missing from the NESTML neuron template: if you go to your NESTML installation directory, open the file pynestml/codegeneration/resources_nest/NeuronHeader.jinja2, and insert the following on line 524:

Archiving_Node::get_status( __d );

Then, setting and getting Archiving_Node parameters should work as expected:

>>> n = nest.Create("iaf_cond_exp_nestml")
>>> nest.SetStatus(n, "tau_minus_triplet", 42.)
>>> print(nest.GetStatus(n, "tau_minus_triplet"))

I will add this fix to the NESTML GitHub repository in short order.

Thanks for reporting this; please always feel free to post on this list about NESTML issues!

Kind regards,

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020, at 20:07, Alexey Serenko wrote:
> Dear community,

> Sorry if this is off-topic for this list, but I am facing a problem with NESTML.
> After compiling any of the example neuron models present in the
> repository, the model seems not to have parameters inherited from
> ArchivingNode (such as, for instance, an STDP parameter tau_minus)
> available for GetStatus() or SetStatus(). Oddly enough, the model
> probably does possess these parameters, because can be connected
> to/from TDP synapses, but just does not expose them to Get/SetStatus.

> Could you please advise what I should do to examine the problem?
> I am using NEST version 2.20 and NESTML version 3.0.post0.dev5 (pip-installed).

> Faithfully yours,
> Alex Serenko,
> graduate student at Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia
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