Dear Andreas,

With which version of NEST did your Python code work?

We have limited capacity for support, and supporting old versions of NEST is therefore rather beyond our scope. Is there a specific reason for not using one of the most recent versions, i.e. 2.16.0 or 2.18.0?

Hans Ekkehard

On 22 Aug 2019, at 20:05, wrote:

Dear all,
at the moment I still use the Nest version 2.12. I onces used a patch to take adavante of :
wr = nest.Create('weight_recorder')
nest.CopyModel('stdp_dopamine_synapse', syn_stdp,  {'Wmax':1000.,'weight_recorder': wr[0]})
nest.SetDefaults(syn_stdp,'vt',voltrans[0]) # work around, use setDefaults with ,key,val, instead the entire para
d= nest.GetStatus(wr[0]['events']
d['n'] and d['c'] gave the recorded eligibility trace and neuromodulator concentration.
With my current version (Image) of Nest 2.12 there are no 'n' and 'c' keys. So ist this not implemented in wr for 2.12 and is this implemented in the most recent version ?
Thanks and regards,
Andreas Schulz
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