Dear all, 
first of all, happy new year!

I am using nest 2.2 (installed by conda) and I have set up a simple network of 20-100 neurons based on the ht_neuron model.  I am delivering some noise to all neurons with the sinusoidal_poisson_generator (I can switch to another) and the simulation produces the results I am looking for. 

However I would like now to have a look at the spikes entering the network and therefore I need to access all events generated by the random generator.

A sample of my code is: 

import nest 
nest.CopyModel("sinusoidal_poisson_generator",'sin_pois',{'amplitude':50.,'rate':15.0 })
nest.CopyModel("static_synapse","AMPAnoise",{"receptor_type":receptors["AMPA"],"weight":10. })
g = nest.Create('sin_pois', 1)
# current pulse
dc_gen = nest.Create("dc_generator")
nest.SetStatus(dc_gen, {"amplitude": 20., "start": 400, "stop": 1050})
nest.Connect(dc_gen, neurons, 'one_to_one')
# recorders
detect_noise = nest.Create('spike_detector', 1)
nest.Connect(noise, neurons, 'one_to_one', syn_spec="AMPAnoise")
nest.Connect(noise, detect_noise, 'one_to_one')
''' the latest does not work
    Creation of connection is not possible because:
    All outgoing connections from a device must use the same synapse type.

Is there a way to record those spikes ? 

Thanks in advance for any help