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You could call get() with arguments. If you want both "States" and "Parameter", call nc.get(["States", "Parameters"]). If you only want one of them, like States, call either nc.get("States") or, even simpler, nc.States. nc is your NodeCollection.

See more information on attributes and getting node status here:

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Subject: [NEST Users] Retrieving states and parameters variables from NodeCollection
Hey Nest Team,

Calling "NodeCollection.get" returns a dictionary containing the user declared "States" and "Parameters" with other keys such as "global_id", "recordables", and "synaptic_elements".  In this context, I want to ask if there is a function in "nest" that returns exactly only the model declared "States" or "Parameters" without having these extra keys, and of course without having a prior knowledge of the "nestml" file from which the model was originated.

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