Dear all,

this is just to notify interested users that, since 2.20 is still the stable release for now, the correct URL to access information about NEST 3 are in the "latest" version of the documentation:


On 04.02.20 07:01, Hans Ekkehard Plesser wrote:
Dear NEST Developers and Users!

After more than two years of intense work, NEST 3 is sufficiently close to completion that we merged the nest-3 branch into the NEST master branch in Github yesterday, closing a large number of issues in the process.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a NEST User, you can continue to use an existing NEST release for now, ideally NEST 2.20.0, the most recent release. 

If you are a NEST User and feel just a little adventurous, or are a developer, we encourage you to get the newest version of NEST from Github and adapt you model scripts to NEST3. You will find informations about what changed here:

We very much look forward to hear about your experiences with NEST 3 (the good and the not so good ones), so that we can fix any remaining problems before releasing NEST 3.0. Please file bug reports as Github issues.

Hans Ekkehard

For our colleagues with the HBP and Partnering Projects: We have a session on NEST 3 at the HBP Summit, Wednesday 15.30 in MC3.4. We also have a poster.