Dear all,
I wrote some days ago the following code:
at the moment I still use the Nest version 2.12. I onces used a patch to take adavante of :
I now usd version 2.18, and the synapse has the paramete c und n but not the weigth recorder.
So is this patch still not implemented ?
wr = nest.Create('weight_recorder')
nest.CopyModel('stdp_dopamine_synapse', syn_stdp,  {'Wmax':1000.,'weight_recorder': wr[0]})
nest.SetDefaults(syn_stdp,'vt',voltrans[0]) # work around, use setDefaults with ,key,val, instead the entire para
d= nest.GetStatus(wr[0]['events']
d['n'] and d['c'] gave the recorded eligibility trace and neuromodulator concentration.
Thanks and regards,
Andreas Schulz